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5 Strategies to Increase Your Promo Sales

Enjoy even greater success...

1/12/2022 | Rosalie Marcus, Promo Biz Coach

Happy 2022! The new year is a great time to look ahead at what you can improve, update, or eliminate in your business so that you can enjoy even greater success!

Here are five proven ways to increase your business now and in the future!  

1.    Update Your Website: Having a modern, mobile friendly, easy to navigate website is a must in our industry, but don’t stop there. Here are some things you can do to make your website even more compelling and attractive to your ideal clients:

--Share your company story. Share how you got started in promo and some fun facts about you and your company. Share photos of you and your staff. Share your mission and vision. Show that there’s a real person behind your website. 

--Share case histories of how promo products were successfully used. Use short focused videos with trending products or case histories. People enjoy learning how to effectively use promo.

--Create an enticing offer to capture the names of the visitors at your website. A discount off a first purchase or a special report on 10 Ways to Use Promo Products to Increase Sales is a great way to get visitors to share their email so that you can follow up with an enticing offer. 

2.    Upgrade Your Client List: Do you enjoy all the clients you’re working with? Are they able to give you larger orders, repeat business, and referrals? Is there a client you need to let go? Is there a niche market you’d like to pursue? Now is a great time to focus on obtaining more profitable clients.

3.     Leverage social media the right way!  You don’t have to be on every social media platform to be successful! You just have to be where your most wanted clients hang out. Focus on the one or two platforms that attract your most wanted clients and be there consistently with valuable tips, marketing ideas, and promo trends. Consistency in social media is what works best!   

4.    Make the client experience memorable. We all may be selling similar promo products, but you can differentiate your business by the experience clients have when working with you. Make that experience so memorable your clients  wouldn’t dream of doing business with anyone else! Survey your clients to see what matters most to them, and then provide it! Send trend updates, free virtual designs, and samples to clients. Send thank you notes and a gift of appreciation. Return all calls, emails, and texts promptly. Resolve problems quickly. Make sure your website is fast loading, easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and has an FAQ page. Reach out in new and unique ways. Anything that makes it easy to do business with you will increase your sales!  

5.    Stay educated. Industry trade shows and online webinars provide many free opportunities to update your selling skills! With that in mind, I invite you to join me on Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 2:00 ET, for a Free Interactive Webinar, 'Your 2022 Promo Biz Sales-Boost. Attend live and get all your sales questions answered! Reserve Your Spot Here. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5605760398859770640     

Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022!

© 2022 Rosalie Marcus



Rosalie Marcus, The Promo Biz Coach, is a promotional products business expert, sales coach and top-rated speaker. Combining her skills and years of experience in promotional sales, she helps her clients sell more at higher margins to better clients. Get FREE up-to-the-minute sales tips and a FREE On-Demand Webinar 5 Must-Know Strategies for Selling in the New Normal at her website: www.PromoBizCoach.com  Reach her at Rosalie@promobizcoach.com.  
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