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Why Is Your Social Profile A Secret?

3 Easy Ways To Show Who You Are

5/19/2022 | Jessica Onions, Designer Patch

One of the biggest deterrents for me to connecting with somebody (or a business) on social media is the lack of information they provide. This can be a lack of bio, a missing profile picture, or even a contextless message. You’re on social media, so why are you keeping yourself a secret?

Below are three easy steps you can take to ensure anyone looking at your profile will have a better understanding of who you are and what you do. 

It’s quicker and more convenient for a potential customer to click on your profile to learn more about you than it is for them to click on your profile and then click on your link and wait for a website to load only to have to find the About Me section and read a novel about what you do. As mentioned in my “4 Video Marketing Tips” article, our attention span is dwindling (from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in three years).

Help potential connections be able to quickly identify that you’re in the Promotional Products Industry by using keywords such as Promotional Products, Promo, Supplier/Distributor, Branding, etc. I’ve also seen Suppliers list their association numbers and state locations.

If you’re like me and use the same account for personal and professional then it’s crucial to write a balanced bio. “Wife/Husband to (insert name), Mother/Father to (insert name)” is great but doesn’t share the professional aspect of your account. Make sure you also include a description of your work. For example, my Instagram bio reads:

Art Director at @promocorner ~ Graphic Designer & Attempted Writer | PA > TN > MD > TN

This lets anyone in the Promotional Industry that comes across my account know that I work in the same industry, it allows fellow Graphic Designers and Writers to know we have that in common, and the list of states I’ve lived in could be another connection point to start a conversation.

Here are some example bios for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


I’m on your profile, I want to see YOU! Plus with so many people having the same name and even multiple companies with the same name, having your photo or company logo as the profile picture makes it so much easier for someone tagging you to know they have the right account.

No, you don’t need to go and hire a photographer for a photoshoot, just upload a nice clear photo of yourself that you like. It could be a headshot, it could be a selfie, or it could be a candid photo someone took. Having your photo helps potential connections put a face to the name.

If it’s your company’s profile, upload the logo or icon as the profile image. Something easily recognizable.

Who could this mystery person be? Yes, I know there is a name (blurred to protect the innocent) but it’d be wonderful to see their face! Especially with in-person events starting again, it would be nice to connect a photo to a person when meeting in real life.


We are on social media to be social (make connections), so why would you forward somebody a video or flyer without a message to accompany it? Give the person or company some context as to why you’re sending it to them. This happens to the PromoCorner Instagram account a lot. We’ll just have flyers or posts DMed to us without a message from the sender. Even if we were their target audience they’re wasting a good opportunity to make a connection and start a conversation. My article, “Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn” shares some tips on what to include when messaging someone for the first time. These tips can be used for all social platforms, not just LinkedIn.

Remember, the point of social media is to be social and make connections so don't let your profile and messages keep you a mystery.

Jessica is the Art Director at PromoCorner and has been in the promotional products industry since 2010. With a degree in Graphic Design, she has been working in Marketing since 2006 creating advertising of all sizes; from social posts to billboards. Jessica shares her passion for design in her monthly blog, Designer Patch. She can be reached at jessica@promocorner.com.
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