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5 Easy Ways to Increase Promo Sales...

during this challenging time and beyond.

9/9/2020 | Rosalie Marcus, Promo Biz Coach

No doubt about it, it’s a tough time for many promotional product sales professionals. If your sales are down this year, you’re not alone. Today’s blog post will give you five easy ways to boost your promotional products business during this challenging time and beyond.

1.      Focus on solutions. These days businesses have a myriad of challenges. Many of those challenges can be solved with the products you sell. Safety and security are primary concerns of any business that is re-opening.  As a promotional sales professional you have access to the solutions to help these businesses make their employees and customers feel secure. Products such as non-medical masks, hand sanitizers, space separators, signage and welcome back gifts are what’s in demand now.  Always ask your prospects and customers,” What’s your current biggest business challenge?” Then seek to solve it using a product you can provide or a program you can create.

2.      Become an expert. In today’s world, it’s not enough to just provide good service, you need to go the extra mile and know as much about your prospect’s and customer’s business as your own. In short, you need to be the expert. Have an understanding of their customers, their competitors and their product line. Follow their company on all social media platforms. The more you know, the more valuable you become and the better you can sell. An easy way to be well informed is to set up a Google Alert (https://www.google.com/alerts) for your top prospects and customers. When you set up an alert, any time your prospects or customers are mentioned on the web you’ll get an email from Google with a link to the article.

3.      Use a lead magnet on the homepage of your website.  A lead magnet is an incentive you can use to capture the email address and contact information of people that visit your website. Once you have the names and contact information of potential buyers you can easily follow up with them with special offers and marketing ideas that can help you to close more sales. Lead magnets are not hard to create. I created one for Distributor Central, 9 Steps for Getting Results and Generating Business Using Promotional Products. It’s pre-loaded as a lead magnet on their Brand Power theme template at http://www.distributorcentral.com.  

4.      Create a gift for referral program. Referral sales close much faster than any other type of sale. That’s because the trust factor is already there. As a promotional sales professional you can easily create a gift for referral program using a promotional product as a gift. And the cool thing about this strategy is you’re modeling a marketing idea your prospects and clients can copy.

5.     Use promo to increase promo sales. I’m sure you know that promotional products are among the most useful, cost effective and long-lasting marketing vehicles available today. Are you using the power of promotional products to promote your own business? Consistently send virtual and spec samples as well as fun and unique self-promotions to your prospects and clients. Show that you believe in the power of the products you sell and your sales will increase.  Speaking of self-promotions and spec samples, for some really cool ideas and great supplier deals go on over to my website https://promobizcoach.com/webinar-powerful-prospecting-secrets/ and listen to my On-Demand webinar on Powerful Prospecting Secrets. Included with the webinar are great deals and fantastic distributor self-promotions from top industry suppliers.  

Here’s to your selling success! 

Rosalie Marcus, The Promo Biz Coach, is a promotional products business expert, sales coach and top-rated speaker. Combining her skills and years of experience in promotional sales, she helps her clients sell more at higher margins to better clients. Get FREE up-to-the-minute sales tips and a FREE On-Demand Webinar 5 Must-Know Strategies for Selling in the New Normal at her website: www.PromoBizCoach.com  Reach her at Rosalie@promobizcoach.com.  
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